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Saving time and reducing mistakes!

Our configurator for the doors and hatches is operational! The first projects fed by our ACCEDOO configurator are realized and successfully delivered to our customers. We upload the door- and hatch plan requirements into the configurator to generate review drawings, CNC files for milling and robot, workshop drawings and order lists for our suppliers. A…
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SMM 2018, Hamburg

This year VABO Composites presents the ACCEDOO doors and hatches at the SMM 2018 in Hamburg. We would like to invite you to visit our booth at the Holland Pavilion.
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Shipping of a masterpiece!

The composite canopy of 14 x 10 meters is shipped. First vertical by road and then by ship to our customers’ yard. A strong example of the shipping capabilities of Van Wieren Special Transport. Superlight and fully prepared for painting and installation of the equipment, the canopy arrived at the yard. We can’t wait to…
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Composites in the shipping industry

(Read published article) - Composites in the shipping industry, what are we getting ourselves into? Ships are made of steel! We know how to work with steel and you cannot weld or repair composites yourself. This is why the application and the use of composites is not a conventional choice. Composites however, offer countless advantages,…
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Welcome to our team! Our newest colleague is in its place. VABO Composites takes the next step in automatization and robotization. Our robot will support the production of ACCEDOO products in different disciplines as cutting, milling and finalize the products to be more efficient and accurate. We can’t wait to see the first results!
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Shipment of a ultra-light carbon antenna mast!

Finally, after months of work the shipment of a super-light carbon composite navigation mast. A beautiful result, fully ready for painting, outfitting and completely prepared with mounting plates and piping for the equipment. Using a truck it was transported to the harbour and then by ship to the yard. From pre-engineering to shipping, the VABO…
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State of the art hatches!

We are proud to present our newest ACCEDOO product! A watertight and fire resistant (30min) escape hatch, designed in a flush coaming. Like all other ACCEDOO products, this hatch requires only a minimum of maintenance. The bar handle is in an elegant way flush designed. Despite the name ‘escape hatch’ the hatch can also supplied…
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Flagship of composite!

Over the past months the VABO team is busy building a carbon mast and canopy. At this stage the parts of the mast are ready for assembly and we are preparing the mould of the canopy for production. The most important parts of these kind of projects are the pre-engineering and project management. The canopy…
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E-Lass conference 2017

Summary of the E-Lass event (October 11th) where VABO presented the results of the development of composite ship doors and hatches. Good to see a large international network is working on getting the rules ready for composite solutions in the maritime industry. The European network for lightweight applications at sea (E-LASS) gather stakeholders interested in lightweight…
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