Flagship of composite!

Over the past months the VABO team is busy building a carbon mast and canopy. At this stage the parts of the mast are ready for assembly and we are preparing the mould of the canopy for production. The most important parts of these kind of projects are the pre-engineering and project management. The canopy and the mast will be installed at the latest phase of finishing this superyacht. Like a cherry on the cake! The scope of supply of VABO is pre-and detail engineering, calculations (frequencies, strengths), production and installation. The deliveries of this project are the mast and canopy of 360m2 painted surface. Both completely prepared for the installation of the required equipment.

The smooth composite surface will result in less work and costs for the painter compared to an aluminium version. The most important reason to choose composite is saving weight in the top of the ship. The weight of this mast/canopy is 10kg/m2! The canopy is mounted on four foundations and is yet strong enough to carry the mast with the equipment. ‘Plastic’ is much stronger than you think!

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