HUBS for boulevard Emmen

Municipality Emmen is currently redeveloping the city center. One of the projects will be realized at VABO Composites with the production of  HUBS (meeting points). These are organic shaped canopies built in composite material and placed on Boulevards. In total, nine will be placed. The HUBS provide an opportunity to wait for each other and offer shelter from the sun or rain.

After thorough preparation and strength calculations, carried out by ICO Innovations, VABO Composites will soon start the production of the HUBS. The HUB will be outfitted with LED lights at the edge and underneath the canopy.

This beautiful project, which is in line with earlier architectural projects like the shells for the Louvre and the "Clouds" in London, will be done in cooperation with the municipality of Emmen. The design for this project was carried out by CM3.

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