Hull Solar boat beeing built at VABO Composites

From this year on a new group of students started at VABO Composites. The mechanical engineering students at this moment are busy with the realization of the solar boat. This boat along with the team ‘Solar boat Twente’ will compete next June in Monaco at the World Championships.

On the water, it is important to be as light as possible in order to keep the drag within acceptable limits. Therefore, the hull is made of carbon. The hull and the top deck of the Solar Boat Twente are built at VABO Composites, this way the knowledge and facilities can be shared.

The first step was the mould for the hull, meanwhile the first layer of carbon is finished and the core is prepared.

Find out more about this project? Check out the video recorded by RTV Oost where the students explain the process at VABO.

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