Looking back on 2015 – Looking ahead on 2016

We are looking back on a turbulent year, at least finishing it in a good way. A year in which we succeeded to realize the expected growth, so looking ahead now to a prosperous 2016.

In 2015 we won an international price in Paris and after a long investment we delivered the first big supplies in ship doors for Accedoo. It is nice to see the personal growth of the VABO team in2015, managing successfully again pros and consand thereforeis readyfor2016.

2016! A new year in which we have good prospects in the world of mega yachts. Also a year in which innovations in products and automatic machinery will be even more central. The product family of the doors will be expanded and the automatic machinery of the production process will be continued.

So we look positive to the future in which we will realize nice projects and products in composite.

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